Sunday, January 11, 2015

Loomed in the Land of Lakes

Local company Faribault Woolen Mill Co. has become one of the many reasons why I love Minnesota.

As I made the drive from the Twin Cities to Faribault, MN, I thought about how rare it is to visit a place like Faribault Woolen Mill. There are very few businesses that still exists and operate, the way Faribault Woolen Mill continues to operate today. This is a company that is truly dedicated to its mission of creating durable, comfortable, and fashionable wool products. 

What amazes me the most about Faribault Woolen Mill, is that it is one of the only mills remaining in the country that produces its products from start-to-finish, under one roof.  

Founded in 1865, while Lincoln was still president, the mill has woven blankets for much of America's history. Faribault provided blankets to pioneers migrating west, to troops during two world wars, and by the end of the 20th century, Faribault Woolen Mill created more than half of the wool blankets made in America. 

Today, Faribault Woolen Mill has continued to create a name for itself through numerous partnership and collaborations with West Elm, Steven Allen, Target, and to my surprise Jack Daniel's, which uses Faribault's wool to filter its whiskey. 

After I traveled to the Mill in Faribault, Minnesota, I was truly impressed. I could feel the history of the building through its aesthetics and architecture. I could sense the loyalty of the customers in the retail shop, as they carefully selected their next woolen products. It was evident that the employees took pride in their craft, and are dedicated purveyors of Faribault's recognized comfort and quality. As I left and began the drive back to the Twin Cities, I couldn't stop thinking about how lucky Minnesota is to have a company like Faribault Woolen Mill. 

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